Best place to live in Montenegro, how to get legal status

I am contemplating moving or buying property in Montenegro to rent and then eventually retire in. Where is the best place to live by the beach and how do I attain legal residency? Is it easy? Thank you.

Hey there, there's about as many places in Montenegro, as there are tastes.... It really depends what you like. Ulcinj, Bar, Petrovac, Budva, Kotor, Tivat, Lustica, Herceg Novi are all coastal areas, and all are very different. You'd probably have to experience all of them to decide which one is for you !

If you buy property, you will obtain residency based on that, it is currently the easiest way.

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You can also get temporary residency if you register a company in Montenegro.

How do I go about doing that? How much does it cost?

Send me a PM and I will email you the contacts of my accountant and she'll explain it to you by email. We're not allowed to give personal info here I think.

If you register a company it will cost you c. 500e set up costs, then c. 200e/months for accountant fees + social contributions.

That's the 2nd best way to get residency.

That's true Tsarine.
A lot of people are doing it in Podgorica however, while they 'test the waters' of living in Montenegro. They set up a company, rent an apt for a year and then decide if to buy and continue living here.

Of course.
Alternatively you can also stay 3 months in, 3 months out, and again... with a tourist visa, without having to set up a company.
Ideally you'd do Sept-Oct-Nov and then March-Apr-May, so you'd avoid the rainy season, and the tourist season :)
You just need to pay the tourist tax in that case, which is c. 0.7€ per day.

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i just got most of my documents for temporary residence application just have to get health insurance now to complete application but i am getting different comments from people regarding the length of time i can be out of Montenegro with the temporary residence some have said i cannot leave Montenegro for more than one month because the temporary residence will cease if you are out of the country for more than one this true ?

The only thing I would add is an advice to spend at least a year in some specific place before you get settled. Doing so you will realize if you truly like the place.
At what, deciding between buying or renting, I'd recommend constructing your own place. It will cost you at least two times less than buying, and the project of a house will suit you the most. However, you will need to wait about 7 months to built it with an experience construction company.

Hi Gary

Could you pls advise  one or more companies that built custom houses
I will sell my flat in Turkey and if appropriate prices are available i want to built my own home in Montenegro


I have a beautiful  stone house for sale in Petrovac Montenegro.  Be careful buying any property in Montenegro without very clear proof of title, which I can guarantee for my house. Follow the link if you are interested and PM me. I have all the correct papers approving the restoration and it has been built by the best builder in the whole of Montenegro.  I currently live in Australia and am finding it more and more difficult to visit my beautiful home, named in honour of my Montenegrin grandmother. … en-gb.html


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