Whats Puerto Plata like?

Whats Puerto Plata like? Thats where I am going to be living

I happen to really like it.  The entire north coast is awesome.  Puerto Plata is a town, almost a city.  We have some decent shopping options, decent services, close to the beach, and a reasonable cost of living.

We are on the north cost but in the Sosua/Cabarete area (20 min east of PP).  We find Puerto Plata too congested and busy for us, and go into "town" only for major shopping.

TheWaifuWarrior have you been here before?  Why the move to Puerto Plata????

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Is there an spot in Puerto Plata where we can buy electronics of needed? Is basically most things that you would need available in some sense in Puerto Plata?

Me and my Father and our partner are looking for a change in life and we found a great deal on what appears to be an amazing home for a fantastic price. What can you tell me about the area? How do you feel about it?

Have you been here before?

Where is the house?  What is the electric service like there?  Security? and it is hard to  discussing it with out know where it is.

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Yes almost everything is available in Puerto Plata. Depending what you want - Santiago has better options and prices in many cases.  Santiago is a 45 minute drive away.

Puerto Plata is growing and soon will have our very own Jumbo!!!!  Yayyyyy.


Large grocery store,with household goods as well.

As Planner said you can get almost anything you want in PP or surrounding towns (Sosua and Cabarete)

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Jumbo -  I love Jumbo  LOL  It will give the other big store La Sirena much needed competition.   La Sirena has gotten lazy and complacent. I want my groceries bagged and  wheeled out to my car thank you!!!!

Wow never knew you were a princess :D  :D  :D

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Well hello, of course I am!!!!   

Reality, I love the service and like that I can tip these kids decently for helping me.

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