Job Seeker: health-travel Insurance


I am Algerian student in the UK and intended to travel to Germany for 6 months as JobSeeker.
I would like to inquire about what are the companies that I can get travel-health insurance?
Is it the same as medical?
It is better to have German one or British one provided that I will be no longer resident in the UK.

Hope to hear from you.
Thank you so much!

The answer to this depends on which visa you intend to come on.
For the job seeker visa, proof of health insurance is required (as far as I know), which must be bought before your arrival and thus can be a foreign one. Travel insurance is often the cheapest option here - but read the fineprint!
For tourist or other short visit visa, no health insurance is required but a travel insurance is recommended.
For any residential and work visa you'll have to join the German public or private health insurance system after arrival. This will cost you a minimum of EUR170/month in the public system (IF you are eligible to join it) and more in the private.

Hi thanks for your precious reply.
So travel insurance includes medical insurance or not?
Any company you would like to recommend me to get the insurance?

Sorry, I am not in the business of recommending insurances - and I do not know which ones are accepted for visa purposes (Ask the embassy!).

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