New South Africa Expat Guide

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to inform you that the South Africa Expat Guide is now online.

If you are planning to move to South Africa or you have already settled there, find all that you need to know on travel formalities, visas, work, accommodation, study, health care, taxes, etc.

We are also providing you with tips on how to open a bank account, transports, leisure, telecommunications, among others.

Our aim is to provide you with all the necessary information to help you succeed in your expatriation project.

To read these articles, please click on the following titles:

Discover South Africa

Traveling to South Africa

Visas for South Africa

Work in South Africa
Work in Pretoria
Work in Johannesburg
Work in Durban
Work in Cape Town
Setting up a business in South Africa
Internship in South Africa

Accommodation in South Africa
Accommodation in Pretoria
Accommodation in Johannesburg
Accommodation in Durban
Accommodation in Cape Town

Study in South Africa

Health care
Health care in South Africa

Opening a bank account in South Africa

Tax in South Africa

Transports in South Africa

Driver's licence
Driving in South Africa

Moving to South Africa

Phones and Internet in South Africa

Leisure in South Africa

Lifestyle in South Africa
Traveling to South Africa with your pet

Feel free to post your comments or to write an article in the guide to share information with soon-to-be expats and those who already live in South Africa.

If you wish to share your expat experience in South Africa, contact us to participate in the Interviews section.

Enjoy the reading! ;)

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