Residency and Special ID (disability) application(s)


Can anyone help, as the HR team at my work still don't know the answer to this. I've been here over 4 weeks and still haven't been to register for residency, which is stopping us from buying a car and setting up a bank account.

Basically when my employer found out I have a disability, they told me not to register using the normal EID residency process, as I might have a different process to follow where I could register for the Special ID card at the same time/instead. They seem to be unsure whether both are required (although it looks to me that they are separate applications according to online, but who knows).

I've been waiting to get going with whatever application is needed for weeks now, and all they can say is that they are waiting for the ETC to get back to them.

Has anyone been through this process before so could tell me what I need to do? I.e. do you think I should go to Valletta, get my EID card application in, then separately apply for Special ID?

Or, any suggestions for a number to phone and I'll ask the question myself? Preferably a number that someone has called and had a helpful experience!

I don't really understand what the hold up is, surely I'm not the first disabled EU immigrant to enter the Maltese workforce?! 😢

its summer holiday, and its the med. Everything takes time.  My ETC paper took weeks and weeks for a normal one

I could understand the delay if I was at the stage of going through the application, but surely someone can answer a basic question without it taking weeks?

I once contacted the the ECT about another question, it was not summer but March, so no reason for any delay one might think. It took them over 3 weeks to reply (in fact I didn't think they'd reply any more) and when they got back to me it was not really an answer but just some standard text copied from their website,. So I guess your employer really hasn't received an answer yet.. Sorry I can't help with your question, though..

No problem. Well, maybe someone on here will have been through the process before and then we can find out the answer from someone who knows what to do. Then I can just tell HR and the ETC!

The ‘Special ID card’ has nothing to do with the ‘e-Residence Card’.

Therefore, as regards Identity Malta, apply for the ‘e-Residence Card’. 

However, apart from significantly discounted bus fares - ‘Personalised CONCESSION Tallinja card’ offering a €2.00 bus fare maximum per week, irrespective of number of bus trips - the numerous additional benefits that derive from possession of a ‘Special ID card’ are detailed on the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities / Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b'Diżabilita' (KNPD) website - as follows:

Thanks I'm already aware of the implications of having the Special ID card.

Have you gone through the process? It would be good to hear from someone who had, because that seems to be the only way to get a clear indication of what works here.

Never heard of a special ID card for disabled.

GozoMo the info has been so limited that I did wonder about it.

I was worried that it doesn't even apply to non-citizens, because I don't trust a word my HR team tell me now, but so far I don't see mention about having to be a citizen.

Plus I would have thought that it would be discriminatory to do that.

The website link above has the basic info, although from memory it also says some info was last updated in 2009 and to contact them to ensure you get up to date guidance!

I also don't know if it ties in with the government initiative to get more disabled people into work. My employer was very excited to hear I was disabled because apparently it helps them meet targets, and also if I need specific equipment  (I dont) they can claim it back from the government or something!

Also the bus website refers to  Special ID Card being one of the things that makes you eligible for a concession tallinja card, so that gave me some comfort that it does actually exist!

As far as I know the 'special ID card' being mentioned is here and is in addition to the normal eResidence card.

It seems the same as applying for a 'blue badge' and needs doctors backing, in the past it got you a blue badge for parking and a Kart Anzjan for travel (this has now been superseded by giving Tallinja the serial number from the 'special ID and receiving a concession card in place of the Kart Anzjan.)

It may also assist in applying for free prescription medication if they are on the list of approved ones.

Don't think it gets you much else.


Thanks Ray. That's my reading of it too. My employers seem to think it'll get them something too in terms of targets/refunds/tax reasons maybe, so that'll be why they are keen for me to do it. But they seem to think there is a joint way of applying for it and eresidency. I think they might be talking nonsense.

The reduced bus fares would be handy but ultimately it is more important for us that we get our residencey cards, so HR have until the end of the week to provide advice, otherwise we will just to to Valletta on Monday!

Thanks again

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