donate blood, Cambodian people need it so much!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share some information about donating blood in Cambodia with you. I donated a few weeks ago and spoke at this occasion with the nurse and some other donors. It is really so important to donate in this country, as there are many people dying every day because of lack of blood. So if you donate, it is very likely that you save a life! Please, just do it! It is simple, short and absolutely no risk for your own health (they only take 350 ml compared to up to 550 ml in Belgium).

The place where you can donate in Phnom Penh (they have just moved to there): Corner street 271 and street 187, near Khmer Soviet Friendship hospital.

For more information (National Blood Transfusion Center): 092 998 000.

Thanks a lot!


Yes thanks for that info !

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