Need advice?

Hello everyone! Was hoping someone could give me advice.

I'm an American expat already living abroad and I'm engaged with my Norwegian fiancee, we've been together for quite awhile and decided its time I move to Norway so we can eventually start a life together and see each other often rather than monthly visits etc. I know as an American I enter Norway 3 months without visa, but I plan to stay there long term with her, we will already be living together in Norway so what would be my best plan? The Norwegian immigration website is pretty confusing with the co-habitat visa, spouse and fiancee visas and I've heard it gives a lot of mixed or outdated information.

My main questions are, If we get married while I'm in Norway, how long will it take for us to receive the spouse residency so that I can stay there with her? I've heard some people been told it takes 2 weeks while other say it takes 6 months to be reviewed. 

Another question is, since we're already engaged do I have to apply for an engagement fiance/fiancee visa? Would that be of any help?

Any advice would be great, this is my first time moving to Norway and we would like to make it our home and get married there without having to leave the country every few months.

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