Apply a business license in Hochiminh

Hi everyone,

I'm a foreigner who is now wishing to establish a company with 100% foreign-owned share in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. But I don't know whether it is very difficult to apply and how much it may take.

Any recommendation of a lawyer on this aspect would also be very helpful.

Hi Sophie,

There are many law consulting agencies out there for your business. As far as I know (and sorry if I'm wrong), firstly you should contact Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment and/or Ho Chi Minh City City Department of Commerce and Industry for more information on the criteria, requirements, and procedure/process regarding opening up 100% foreign-owned share company (you'd better have a Vietnamese interpreter in case you use foreign language in conversation).  Wish you luck ^^

Thanks, friend. I know there are many law agent in HCM, I already consulted some agents, but they have different words about the applying , I really don't know which one I can trust.  :(  And some agent want a very very very expensive price which shocked me. I hope someone who knows the details can help me.

That's why you should contact public agencies as they are who grant license/permit for your business, law consulting firms are just assistant to your work, they have to follow rules also. As I'm not a lawyer and only know public information, I'm sorry that I could not help you further. Anyway, be optimistic and you will solve this well, Sophie.

It's ok, Thanks for your warm suggestion.

Dear Sophie, go to YOUR Consulate - I guess you are a foreigner -  and receive a list of trustful lawyers, who speak your mother language and who are in some ways responsible for these persons who will be your consultant. To set-up a one-woman :-) company is not difficult at all but consider very carefully the follow-up consequences like any matters reg. monthly "advanced tax payments" even you do not make one Dong profit. As well check your available capital which must be proven and deposited  in most of the cases during the time of the application.  I am 26 years working in Vietnam. For further question you can contact me  . Best, MIckey

Dear Michael,
Thanks for your reply. Yes I'm a foreigner, I know I should and I already consulted many lawyers, but the problem is , most of them just want to rip-off, and they have different words and different prices , I really don't know which one I can trust. So I really hope some one who knows the details can introduce a trustworthy lawyer.


When u cant get it; come back to me. Viet Nam is the place u can "buy" everything, dont waste too much time n money to be consulted by Lawers or anyone who hasn't experienced before.

yes , i know i can't trust the lawyer who just want to rip-off !  so do you have any experience ? can you send me the details about it ? my email is : xxx

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Check ur mail pls

"....come back to me..." It is great if you know the way to set-up a 1 person legal entity. Pls. advise us how to do it. Best, Mickey

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