Translation help for a one-off birthday present

Hello folks,
I am looking to get help to translate a simple phrase into Hungarian for a mug I would like to get a friend who is learning the language.

Is anyone able to translate the following into Hungarian, or know a typical Hungarian phrase that means the same thing?

'Striving to achieve the impossible, one day at a time'

Any help you can give would be very greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much in advance.

(The only person I know who speaks Hungarian is him, and asking him rather ruins the surprise!  I do not trust google translate.  Thank you!)

Translated by my Hungarian wife, who is a professional translator and listed in the translators business directory (everything following is from her):

A cél elérni a lehetetlent, napról-napra haladva

The actual translation is word by word: The goal is to reach the impossible, progressing day by day


In Hungarian one does not use the "impossible" as a goal, it is accepted that this is impossible... but it can be understood the way I translated it. By the way it was not used in German either before the business-lingo did not introduce it.

Thank you so very much, both of you, for taking the time to reply, and to explain :D 
I will let you know his reaction, very grateful indeed :)

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