Barking dogs

Is there a way of stopping cockerels from crowing or the sun from being so bright ?


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Norm if you were my neighbour and your dog was causing me a problem you would be the guy I would be confronting , not your dog! Some people just don't get, it if one sweeps the problem under the table it won't go away..

I have found sleep interrupted by dogs, roosters and cats.  The only solution I have come up with is taking afternoon naps, since only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, and our barangay has neither.

Yes there is a law re barking dogs. See your lawyer and go for it....

choose the location well,we do not here dogs at night were we live,only once i here a dog barking at night and wen i took a look it was a dog who was barking becorse there was a wanabe burgler on the balkonie of my naibor who ran away becorse a had the light ouside on and he was visibol,good dog dooing his job ,all our naibors are pinoy who have jobs so they like there sleep to ,so it comes down to ,location location location .
we feel safer here than we wood in any gated comunity

greets Dirk

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