Barking dogs

Is there a way of stopping cockerels from crowing or the sun from being so bright ?


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Norm if you were my neighbour and your dog was causing me a problem you would be the guy I would be confronting , not your dog! Some people just don't get, it if one sweeps the problem under the table it won't go away..

I have found sleep interrupted by dogs, roosters and cats.  The only solution I have come up with is taking afternoon naps, since only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, and our barangay has neither.

Yes there is a law re barking dogs. See your lawyer and go for it....

choose the location well,we do not here dogs at night were we live,only once i here a dog barking at night and wen i took a look it was a dog who was barking becorse there was a wanabe burgler on the balkonie of my naibor who ran away becorse a had the light ouside on and he was visibol,good dog dooing his job ,all our naibors are pinoy who have jobs so they like there sleep to ,so it comes down to ,location location location .
we feel safer here than we wood in any gated comunity

greets Dirk

The first thing that struck me on my first trip to the Philippines was the number of dogs chained to fences or in cages barking. It was a bit of a shock but Hey I guess its cultural. Who am I to come here and try and impose my values. BUT damn there is a lot of dogs :)

Yes defiantly there is. The law is accessed under, Animal care rules and regulations section.1.7 Noisy Dogs..Call and visit your Barangay captain and discuss the problem with him or possibly contact your local police station. Go for it and good luck.

Why not? There is a law regarding barking dogs in the Philippines and is used more often than one would realise. Be a man and and stand up, if the dog is annoying you tell him or her, obviously your neighbour has no respect for you, you have every right to complain...

FilAmericanMom :

You can go to the barangay to complain about the barking dog. But before going, you (or better yet, your Filipino friend or spouse) should ask other neighbors if they're as bothered as you are by the noise. If they say yes, but add that they're already used to it, then, what you should do is just get used to it.

You should also first try talking to your neighbor / the dog's owner. One of the reasons dogs are kept as pets is to warn the owners of and discourage intruders. It is possible that your neighbors are not aware that their dog's barking bothers you or your neighbors.

Do not sound condescending and go off on a rant like "only in the Philippines . . . blah blah blah." It's annoying and would not get you anywhere. So be respectful and figure out an amicable solution to the noise problem (put the dog on the other side of yard, figure out what bothers the dog, etc.).

How long have you been staying here? Consider yourself lucky that it's just barking noise.

U must b a filipino....1st funny thing i c, th dogs r kept 2 warn the ya they sleep rite thru thisr barking and u think the dogs barking is going wake them if an intruder comes funny. 2. Be respectful? Seriously???? When the neighbors and their dam barking dogs r not???? plz..

Heres the deal, im a dog lover but after living among the animals here Ive become very bitter towards barking dogs and disrespectful neighbors.. you have 2 choices poison quietly or fight the neighbors and be hated by all of them.  Went that route once. Every neighbor had a barking dog day and nite continuously. I kindly asked them to plx put their dogs in the back so they wont bark at every cat dog person bird that went by. The response. No .. These were little worthless muts with big yaps that trust me wont scare off anything,   my wife a flip and I tried everything 2 drown out the dogs. 1st we tried geting their names so we could file a complaint these fkers r so tight lipped it was impossible 2 get a name of any of them.  I endd getting all the names eventually but thats another story. They ignored the attorneys letters so i went 2 d brgy. They dont give a*** about u r ur problems. But they had the dog owners 1 at a time come in 4 a meeting 3 times.. then if a resolution can not be made they can issue a letter allowing 4 a lawsuit. Well the outcome after 2 yes of fighting . They had to keep the dogs quiet 7pm to 7am.. then comes im telling ya as much as i hate 2 say it. KEEP U MOUTH SHUT AND LEAD IN SOME HAMBURGER OVER D FENCE.. otherwise all and i mean ALL THE neighbors will now hate u. They stick 2gtgr like Flys on ***. 3 yrs later we ended up buying in a highend subdivision. NEVER AGAIN will i live amongest  the disrespectful animals. Gud luck 2 all

I have to agree with you, go for the owner and hold your ground. If they don't respect and ignore you step it up a notch and follow through re the local authorities.

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