Barking dogs

Does anyone know if there is a law that can be enforced to make owners to control their dogs from barking??

I love optimism.

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You have to be joking.... NOTHING stops dogs from barking in the Philippines.     If you ever find a way PLEASE let me know.

A law to stop dogs from barking? am not sure which country has that. But i get your point and i think all you need to do is to go and have friendly talk with your neighbors about their dog and see if there can be an understanding for both parties.

Thanks flex14 appreciate your comments

You can go to the barangay to complain about the barking dog. But before going, you (or better yet, your Filipino friend or spouse) should ask other neighbors if they're as bothered as you are by the noise. If they say yes, but add that they're already used to it, then, what you should do is just get used to it.

You should also first try talking to your neighbor / the dog's owner. One of the reasons dogs are kept as pets is to warn the owners of and discourage intruders. It is possible that your neighbors are not aware that their dog's barking bothers you or your neighbors.

Do not sound condescending and go off on a rant like "only in the Philippines . . . blah blah blah." It's annoying and would not get you anywhere. So be respectful and figure out an amicable solution to the noise problem (put the dog on the other side of yard, figure out what bothers the dog, etc.).

How long have you been staying here? Consider yourself lucky that it's just barking noise.

tonyboost :

Thanks for nothing

Perhaps, but accurate.

I just shut up two dogs from barking at the back of me........ I gave them some lead poisoning, and it seemed to work fine.
First time that they have not barked continuously for ten months.

DavidWF :

lead poisoning, .

Shot them - is that legal

Come on David, you cannot post such a cruel message on a public forum  :|

It was a joke, where is your sense of humour Julien?

DavidWF :

It was a joke, where is your sense of humour Julien?

Some Jokes are expensive....Besides there are lot of dog lovers in the world, me included. Now that everything you write can be sensitive on social Media i did advice you to choose how you express your jokes well before posting.

*No Hard feelings here..just stating*

It's in a dog's nature to bark. Barking is its way of communicating or it is a sign of what it's feeling, trying to ask for help or express what it needs. (In the same way that you are  going to this forum and typing away to ask for help.) 

The problem is when the barking is excessive. Is it really excessive or are you just being too sensitive? If you think that the dog's barking is excessive, talk to your neighbor. Figure out what's causing the excessive barking. This will also help the dog.

Here's a link on possible reasons why dogs bark excessively, fyi: … y_309.html

People have a right to enjoy the companionship of a pet.

Thanks for your comments, but when a dog barks at 3.0 am in the morning for
at least 40 mins waking me and my wife up I have the need to say something as you would to. I have spoken to the owner who not to pleased I complained, however since then the dogs in question have remained some what silence.
I know that living in the Philippines dogs bark, but I also know that I am entitled to some peace and quite.

I'm so sorry and feel guilty. My ten dogs bark whenever they see strangers outside the gate.

Most towns in US have animal control officers who will take care of that. And if it is after hours an officer with a badge and gun will knock on the offending neighbors door asking them to shut up their dog or else.

People here are deaf to dog barking, roosters
and loud mufflers.

one can say a lot about barking dogs ,one reason is dogs that are tied down 24/7 all there life ,it not only makes them bark out of frustration becorse they like to interact with what they see as the rest of the pack (there owners)dogs are very social minded ,  but i find it cruel to the dog to ,but,this is not my country and i will never complain about it.
i ceep buzy ignoring the barking ,that works for me.
so dont concentrate on the barking watch a movie ,listen to some music ,go for a walk,the more one listen to the barking the more anoying it will become

greets Dirk

FilAmerican Mom  had some good advice.

Once you have exhausted the option of talking with the dog's owner or if you have found that the neighbors are also annoyed and jointly complain to the barangay captain about the barking you can simply do as I did in a compound in Imus with a lot of noise.

While building our home we lived in a family house in Imus with very close neighbors, roosters, dogs and cats and a neighbors stereo with some huge speakers cranked up most of the day.  Aside from the stereo, it was just part of daily life.

When it became so annoying that I needed a break and did not feel like leaving simply to escape the noise I used some surprisingly effective soft ear plugs I purchased at Mercury Drug.

The moron with the stereo eventually blew up the very expensive speakers that turned out to belong to a family member footing most of the bills for the large household while he worked in Australia.

My advice is move. If you fall out with the locals your stuffed. The law will always favor a local. You can go through the barangay but to fight city hall is a waste of time

Be patient, someone will eventually eat them.


i  had some problem,,i call 911 from my mobile the came fast and fix the problem


How 'bout moving into a condo that does not allow dogs?

MaroBautista :

How 'bout moving into a condo that does not allow dogs?

Well, that does not necessarily mean a condo will be less noisy. Sure, barking noise may disappear, but it might be replaced by a bunch of other noises, which might even be more annoying than barking noise.

You do have a point there. But I think condo units are designed for privacy, that is why you seldom hear people talking from adjacent units. Although we can hear our upstairs neighbor moving their furniture.

Thanks everyone for your comments I live in the Philippines and I love it bugger the dogs

Thank you for choosing the Philippines, Tony. I am sorry about the barking dogs. Filipinos are used to using dogs for security purposes and they are trained to bark at people they do not know. It seems that the dogs are doing it as a habit as they are wired that way.

tonyboost :

Thanks everyone for your comments I live in the Philippines and I love it bugger the dogs


Don't let the neighbors catch you buggering their dogs....  :D


dogs are not wired to bark all the time .but , adog wich is tyed up on a leese 24/7 wil be come so frustrated that he will bark for hours on end ,this dog will probaly bite ppl he can reach .this dos not make it a good guard dog at all .my dog is pure pinoy blood haha and he only barks at ppl who come up to the gate,at night he sleeps in the house so he can not react at dogs walking the street .but i asure you any one tuch the gate and we know ,Fuego is a very good guard dog .
handeling dogs is easy wen some rules are respected ,most inportant rule the dog needs to feel part of a pak were he can trive in they need care and atention .they need training .this has not to be advanced training just making the dog aware there's rules he has to folow .ower dog obays very simple comands as heel ,sit ,lay down and he's favorit fetch ,  having a dayly play hour is a must to to my opinion ,it keeps them and the owner  fit hahaha . a wel kept dog wil automaticly defends his owners with his life that's how dogs are wired .

greets Dirk

You are spot on Dirk, a good dog only barks for a reason.
My last neighbor (Filipino) had his poor little dog tied to a tree from six weeks old, and when I asked him why did he do this he`s reply was that it is a guard dog and will keep intruders away. I asked him what happens when he is not home and intruders enter his house, to which he replied that the dog will bark.  Intruders did enter his house one day when he was not at home and cleaned him out...but the dog barked without deterring the intruders because it was tied up ( as it had been for two years )  and he could not understand why the intruders went to his house and not mine.  Well I told him my dog is never tied up ( we have a surrounding fence ) and if intruders should jump over it my dog would attack them if I am not at home...and THAT is what a guard dog does because it is not tied up.
I tried to explain to him that a dog is part of the family and will protect its family and property if it is treated kindly, but he still did not get it.
Most Filipino`s have not got a clue when it comes to animals, but there again what do I know I am just a mere alien from Mars.

to me it has all to do with education ,i remember wen i was a kid manny dogs were tyed up to in europ ,the last 50 or so yrs, with thanks to animal lovers who came up for animal rights, this slowly changed .due to cultural evolution am sure this will change in Asia to .
a guard dog can NOT  do his protective part wen he's tyed down, all he can do is bark and intruders, am sure,are very happy to see the dog tyed down ,this way they can do what ever they want to as the dog can not atack them
unhappy dog equals happy burgelars hahahaha

it is not an other planet we come from just an other culture ,all cultures have plus and minus things ,it just depends from were one is seeing it i gues ,(i have no problem in naming some of the minus points of my own culture hahahaha but this is not the topic )

greets Dirk

The Alien bit was tongue in cheek.

tonyboost barking dogs ha,ha all I can say is NO welcome to the philippines, they LOVE noise here

barkz :

tonyboost barking dogs ha,ha all I can say is NO welcome to the philippines, they LOVE noise here

all i can say is this,we live just around the corner from the bus terminal and the market ,so quit buzy naiborhood he ,but ,we dont hear much noise at day exept kids playing basket 20 metersfrom the house we live in ,and in the evening we hear in the distance the sound of an ocasional car or bike passing ,for the rest after 8 in the evening we hear the sound of silence .
clearly not all pinoy love noise .
i admid Mati City is a small town and very provincial ,but it is a bit to easy to stereo-type a population on the behavior of some,but this is only my opinion and i know i'm not all knowing .lol
maibe if noise bothers so much, than choose wise were you want to live he.

greets Dirk

There is a law in the Philippines re barking dogs who are continually harassing their neighbours. it is clearly stated under Section 1.7 of the law under "Noisy Dogs" stating if a dog becomes a nuisance to the public, as in continuous yelping, whining,or howling the owner may be prosecuted. First, I would confront the neighbour regarding the problem. If the dog or dog's continue barking and harassing you and your family then consult the local Barangay Cpt. You would be advised to keep your lawyer in the picture also. Don't back off, try and get one or two neighbours on your side also. Keep in mind because of the continuing circumstances the owners might not be too bright and even bringing in the law might not deter them. I have had similar problems from time to time regarding barking dogs and have usually resolved the problem with a little diplomacy, I certainly wouldn't go as far as shooting the animal or throwing some meat over the fence with a fish hook or two embedded in the tasty treat but I have heard stories of this happening...Good luck.

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Probably never see this.  Don't say a word.  And think!  What is the best method of controlling a dogs barking?  Get it!?  Behavior modification or controlling the barking is easy.  The moment you complain,you make things worse. Don't say a think and think!!!  or if you have no idea what I'm saying contact me privately...!

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