going to live in cyberjaya for 4 years

suggest good place to live in cyberjaya, going to study in MMU for 4 years

me , my wife, infant,

my budget for rent a place 2000rm

would love balcony and privet place

i will buy a car so its find if the place 15 mins far by car to the MMU

my Question is IS cyberjaya safe to live ?
is there many thefts and crimes ?

Hi, Cyberjaya is a good place to live. Now everything is convenient at Cyberjaya. Its safe place.

Hi Ibrahim,

Yes Cyberjaya doesn't have a particularly bad reputation for crime and is not a bad area at all. Of course there are isolated incidents but this is true of everywhere, but I think it is as safe a place as any to live. What I like about Cyberjaya is that there is a lot of greenery there and you are already out of the city which is also nice.

As for apartments, there would be no problem at all to find an apartment within your budget. For example, if you consider Mutiara Villa, Cyberjaya which I believe is a relatively new condominium complex. Rentals are around RM2,000 psf which means that if you rent a 1,025 sq ft apartment you can get pay anywhere from RM1,700 to RM2,000 per month rent. There are also many retails shops in the complex which is very useful.

Mutiara Villa is approximately 1 km away from MMU so getting there is easy.

I expect that you can find other apartment buildings older than this that might be larger and cheaper than Mutiara Villa.


good to hear that,
now Iam waiting student visa to get approved from EMGS
what i saw is i would like to find apartment/condo with security cctv
near lake(lakeview)
also is there trusted agency ? here in my country i got scammed with someone ^^ he lied to me, so i dont want to sign for apartment/flat/condo then he lied to me too ^^

Most agents are honest and there are very many of them in Kuala Lumpur. I sometimes use Reapfield Properties because they are a large company, but a way is to go to the Star Online or iproperty or propwall websites and enter the area or name of a condo that might interest you.

I just entered Mutiara Villa Cyberjaya and there are so many advertisements. These are just a few of them.

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