Tax on Gross salary?

Hi all,
I just received a offer to move in DR in a hotel close to Río San Juan,
I'm single and wishing to live in small studio accommodation.
As stated on my contract They will pay me 3200 USD monthly gross salary.
Do you have any idea how much is the taxes or contribution in DR?
And if I can survive with the remaining?

Regards to All

That amount is about RD$147,200 per month.  According to the tabla de retenciones, you can expect to pay around RD$25,573 or $556US.  I used 46/1 as an exchange rate.  That leaves you with $2644US per month.  Here is a link for the tables: … iones.aspx

That isn't likely how it will actually be.  There are all kinds of ways they use to pay less tax!

Bottom line you can live very nicely on that! Rio San Juan is an inexpensive area.

@gringonazo and Planner,
Thanks very much for the fast answer, it's almost 3 weeks that I'm looking in this forum for any useful info...
Just one more question: between Río San Juan and Cabrera area in which one would you suggest to live? ( more secure or with more shop? Or what's so ever reason...)

I am sorry for that I cannot help you.  My guess is Cabrera but you will need a vehicle.

I too am confused about the taxes, despite having being reading tons of information.  I will use the calculator you provided gringolazo.  Thanks for that! 

Just to be clear, that is the amount that will be due during tax season, correct?  And then, in addition to that, there is the portion that is withheld from your check each month.  I used this to calculate that: … es2017.pdf

I'm totally not sure if I'm doing it right, though. :/

Afterward, I was excited to use this one: … impuestos/

Unfortunately, I realized I didn't know what numbers to enter for AFP, ISR and SFS lol.  Any ideas?

Ok in reality taxes are calculated based on a.ount of salary "declared" amount can be different then your actual.salary.

Planner, are you referring to taxes that need to be paid during "tax season", or to the ISR?  Right now, my focus is on the amount that will be withheld from my paychecks.  I'm not sure if I'm making sense lol - taxes are not my specialty  :D

based on what is reported for your monthly salary and how it is reported  you pay about  3% in  other withholdings. the company contributes about  7% of your salary.

First  35,000 RD have no income tax withheld up to a marginal rate I believe is  24%. I do not know ANYONE who pays  24%.

Thank you!!!


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