Bring dog to Saudi

Hi, I am moving to Saudi for a job I have just been offered and need help figuring out how to get my small (chihuahua/ poodle mix) dog legally (?) into the kingdom. My husband is already living in Taif. Does anyone have any advice or information? I know he needs to be chipped (he is) and that he needs verification of vaccinations from my vet that is supposed to be authenticated by both the U.S. and Saudi governments. He is not one of the breeds that absolutely cannot be imported, but I don't know how to go about getting and import permit either.

You will need to go here (Agriculture Directorate of Riyadh,office #44,not to be confused with the Ministery of Agriculture)with all the documents of the dog
If you are not here your husband can do it for you if his name is in the passport of dog (owner)
Then it will be a matter of 20m and they will issue the paper

Did you succeed taking the chihuahua?   I have a Yorkie, she is 11 years old; I may be coming to Jeddah or Riyadh for working at the Metro Projects as an Engineer Manager.    How difficult was it?  I am afraid the oldie dog could not survive the struggle.  Would she be put in quarantine?  Regards, Danilo

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