Am seeking information on transportation, is a car a necessity if I find housing close to everything?

A car is not necessary, if you don't mind walking and are close. You can always get a taxi or motoconcho or gua gua if you need to go a further distance. Where are you going to be located? I know there is also a bus in Puerto Plata, although I've never taken it.

Thank you! I was really hoping I would not need a car. I am looking to move to Cabarete or near there. Am planning on visiting soon and checking out housing when I get there.

That's the best way for you to figure out your needs - find where you're going to live, and go from there :).

Cabarete,  you can likely walk for most things.  If you travel further  the gua gua or a carro publico!  Gua gua looks like a small bus or a van.  Carro publico are private cars who drive a route and you waive them down.

Please be very very careful of motoconchos. We have a ridiculous number of people killed every year in motorcycle accidents.  What is your life worth???  A taxi or carro publico is a cheap enough option!

Parking in Cabarete is very hard to find.  A car would be a useless in town.

Bob K

Great point Bob.

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