Retirement Visa

My wife and I are looking to move to Barcelona on a 'retirement visa' ... we previously lived in Europe for 4 years when I represented the US Department of Labor ...

Is anyone posting here living in Spain on a retirement visa?

how is it working out for you?

We love to cruise so we would be moving to Barcelona because it is the busiest cruising port in Spain ...

can you recommend an area near the cruise port that is a little more English friendly?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

We are on the non lucrative visa, but it is very similar to retirement.  We offer consulting for both and we also have a very thorough ebook on the process.  It will save you hours of scouring the web for answers.

Anyway, Barcelona and Malaga are the biggie cruise ports, possibly some from Valencia too.  You will find expat populations near each of those cities.  Malaga is a bit warmer than the others in the winter and has a strong UK expat population.   feel free to look at our site with hundreds of posts.  Wagoners Abroad.

Thanks you for the prompt and courteous response. We've visited Malaga on several occasions and just love it ... we have always been treated well there ... that said, Barcelona has many more embarking cruises and convenient travel is a big plus for us ... travel is very inconvenient where we are living now in almost the exact center of the USA ... we are good planners so we have plenty of time to configure our decisions and since I'm personally retired I have time for research ... Cheers

Can u explain what a retirement visa is - I'm thinking of retiring to Lanzarote

these are visas where you must leave the country (and your residence) at least once every 6 months as per passport ... there are financial requirements in terms of financial assets to get these (they want people that won't be a drain on the economy) ... each country is different in Europe ... hope this helps ... good luck

You mean leave the country (Spain in this case) ?
For how long?
Where do we find the financial requirements?


yes ... the document of record is your passport ... check with the Spanish consulate for full details ... good luck.

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