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I need some immigration advice.

I am a non EU-citizen, on an EEA2 visa (spouse of a Swedish National).
We have been married for over 2 years and have been cohabiting here in London. My Mrs has recently moved back to Sweden to continue her education.
I am planning to move to Sweden with her. I and my Mrs have been trying to gather information about the whole procedure of applying for a dependent visa. But unfortunately we are getting unsatisfactory answers from the migrationsverket has not been of great help. Further to that due to the recent changes in the immigration.
I have a few queries:
1) I am a family member of a Swedish national on a dependent visa of UK; we have lived together for more than 2 years and have all the necessary documentation to prove our cohabitation.
my visa status requires my spouse to be residing in the UK for me to continue living here. Is there any possibility of me going to Sweden and applying from there for my dependent visa? as the whole procedure can take up to 18 months?
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I believe you will need to apply where you're currently living, and not in Sweden.

All persons applying for residency in Sweden must apply from their home country. This means, your wife would need to apply from the UK and you would need to apply from the country where you were born. If you had UK citizenship, then you could apply from the UK. It sucks, but that's just the way it is.

I am married to a Swedish citizen and I am currently sitting in the USA as I had to apply from here and had to return here for my interview and I cannot be in Sweden when they make the decision.

I hope this helps!

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