Obtaining E104 and U1 Formulars - where from?

As I live here now in Brussels and am registered as self-employed, the authorities in Bulgaria want me to proof, that I pay my health insurance and social security taxes here. For health insurance they want formular E104 (S041) and for social security they want U1(former S301). Maybe I will be able to obtain U1 after my activity here, but how and where from to obtain E104, at least for last year?
My accountant advised me to apply for A1, but I do not think it is the same.

Thank you in advance,


Did you register yourself as self-employed in Belgium or did you done it through an institution like UCM - SECUREX - ... ?

Go too the place you make your registration, they will provide documents without any difficulties.

I am registered at Securex.
Ok, i will see what i can do.
Thanks a lot for the answer.

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