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Looking for a VA mortage, any ideas?

If you are looking for a loan I would suggest talking with Carlos, he is a buyer realtor and can tell you what documents to get and how to apply. Do note that sometimes loans take a long time to get approved, so apply early. Pm me if you need Carlos contact info.

First Bank does VA loans. The problem you will run into is whether or not the property itself qualifies under VA's guidelines.

I suggest you get yourself hooked up with a loan officer first,. If you know the area where you want to live, the officer can find out which properties would be approved for VA loans.

Here is a list of some properties which have already been approved: … hoto=False

All banks does them just shop around and go with the best capable loan officer other than rates it will be the most important thing to look out for!..also mortgage brokers are very fast...large banks are clumsy and slow!..I can help if you need more advice!

People just need to have the right paperwork and information about their current bills/expenses.
Thanks Carlos

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