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I'm Developer, i want to find a IT job in Germany if it is possible for non-German speaker, or searching for other work in Germany, need for proposals for Visa, waiting for comments

I'd say the majority of IT positions require German and English.  English alone is not sufficient.  The majority of all jobs require German language, since its the national language.

Romaniac Experts Team

It is also very difficult for a non-EU citizen to get a work visa.

In general I agree with most of what has been posted here but having a specialized skill CAN be the exception to the rule. I know a woman from the Middle East who got a job in Stuttgart 2 years ago in the IT branch. She spoke fluent English, Arabic and a couple of other languages but only a few words of German. I don’t know exactly what her job was but there seemed to be a shortage of qualified, experienced Europeans available to fill it and they were specifically looking for someone with good English. I lost contact with her so I don’t know how it all worked out. I think she struggled to find acceptable housing and to feel comfortable in a society where she didn’t speak the local language. Having a job and visa is probably the highest priority to immigrate somewhere but other factors can still make it a questionable undertaking.

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