Vocal lesson , looking for teacher

Dear all,

Can someone give me idea about how to get lesson of vocal , private or group is okay.

I'm in Jeddah

Thank you.

I'm an English egyption teacher 
Live in jeddah, bawadi district
My  major in translation &language

Hello Om Malak and welcome to :cheers:

Kindly note that promotion of services is not allowed on the forum. If you are offering your tutoring services, I invite you to please drop your advert in the Language Classes of our Jeddah Classifieds section.


Thank u kenjee  :)

Google Jeddah for kids + music . I know there are piano lessons in a post, but can't remember if there are vocal teachers.

There is a teacher on the Sharbatly compound, but I don't have any info on her just know someone who used to take piano lessons from her

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