Golf on the island

Hi Guys

I'm moving up with my family towards the end of the year from South Africa. I am really keen to carry on playing golf once i get over there. But looking at the prices on some of these courses, its going to cost an arm and a leg to get a game in once a week.
Is there a way to playing affordable golf., something similar to playmoregolf in South Africa?, Sports Groups, clubs?
Would really help a lot.
Thank you,


Golf at the big and world-class resorts especially those within hotel premises are naturally expensive.

There are other courses which you can try like the Gymkhana Club in the center of the island and Avalon Golf Club in the south. You won't have to break the bank.

Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.


There are few courses where you can play Golf paying less as compared to most of the courses. There are few clubs where you pay only MUR 350 for a game if you have membership of the clubs like Mauritius Gymkhana Club or Dodo Club.


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