Authentication of doc in UAE.

Im currently here in qatar and planning to move in uae thru visit visa.. if im applying for a job is it possible to process my docs (authentication) and no need to go in my home country to process it? please help thank you

You go Marina Mall "Tasheel". There you can make the required authentication for all types of documents or any Tasheel branck.

Thank you for the info. No need to send my papers in my home country :-)

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   I will get straight to the point on your concern, you cannot authenticate your documents here in Emirates because there are no services like authentication of documents here in PH Embassy in across UAE. It is better to send your documents back to the  Philippines (if your documents are with you) and send it here again thru courier.

Well, In regards of how many days of Authentication of your School Credentials or any Certificates  in Philippines it will take you 3 to 4 days.

How is Doha? I was a Former IT of Ali Bin Ali, I wonder if you heard about it. Cheers to you and Goodluck Kabayan!

Tasheel I dont think so.. Sorry

Tasheel are for Labour Services.. There are no Services like authentication of Documents..

This is totaly not right, there are so different counters in Tasheel, before yesterday I have attested my child birth certificate there in the Ministry of Foiegn Affairs Counter. But really, I am not sure they will accept people on visit visas or not.

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Well, I think Ms. Joan is referring to her School Certificates for stamping and attesting. Prior to that Tasheel does not have a particular services to do that. I think she will going here in Emirates in order to look for a job.

But for your concern,  like attestation of your kids certificate i think there are reasons to attest that  because first, you are already a resident here or you already passed your important documents to your PRO from your employer or sponsor.

But in her case she needs to send her documents back to philippines in order to stamp it and sent it back here in UAE in order to get attested.

The reason why we are stamping the documents in Philippines is  because they need an attestation that the stamp coming from The UAE ministry in Philippines are certainly genuine. Now that is the time they will get attested. If it was attested It will be authentic.      :D
Here are the Tasheel Services: … spx#page=1

TAS’HEEL centers focus on providing a variety of significant services (transactions) for a number of institutions and government departments in the country, including:

Ministry of Labour transactions
General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs transactions
Department of Economic Development transactions
Emirates ID Authority transactions
Health and Medical Services Authority transactions
FCA transactions.

Do i need to start again from the red ribbon in dfa? I already have here red ribbon of all my docs but authenticated in qatar embassy. Can i use it or need to process new one?

Doha was good!yup i heared about it but im not familiar .in which part of uae are you now?

No need to start again ( it does not matter if it was attested in Qatar Embassy), You just need to send your red ribboned docs to your nearest DHL Office in your area because they have this services like stamping of documents in UAE Embassy - Fort Taguig. ( There is no other option but to forward it to DHL Office). I think it will cost you 1,000 or 1200. Anyway, I'm not sure because it was been 2 years gone. It will get 3 to 4 working days in order to get that.

About your question well, I am staying in Dubai right now.  It's Kinda hot. I remember back then, I was in Doha way back 2007- 2009 I live in Najma airport road. If you have any questions feel free to shoot an email. Good Luck to you Kabayan!

This is what I did in the Phils. prior to coming here in UAE:

Red ribbon in DFA (Usual procedures)
UAE Embassy documentary stamp thru DHL (DHL sent back the stamped/authenticated document back to me)

When I arrived in UAE:

Went to Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Al Qusais Dubai for stamp (ink stamp)
They sent it back via courier

Went to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Sharjah where I live), another documentary stamp (square sticker)

I got the same issue. It's okay to have your DFA autheticated documents sent back to PH for UAE Embassy in Manila stamp as long as it's clean. No stamps from Qatar MOFA or Phil. Embassy in Qatar. Unfortunately, mine has been attested in Qatar and had to start all over again. Sigh. My dad called and confirmed this with UAE Embassy in Manila.

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