Fragrance situation in Canary Islands (multiple chemical sensitivity)

Hi everyone!

My name is Vivian, I just introduced myself in the new members topic. I currently live in Canada running my own mental health practice. I'm thinking about relocating to the Canary Islands as I'm currently in the process of moving my appointments from in person to Skype. I'm also considering taking in new clients on the Canary Islands as I speak Spanish. I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and am currently researching the situation in the Canary Islands regarding how much fragrance is being used in cleaning products, and how easy it is to buy fragrance free products there. This may be not such a big deal for other people, but for me it's extremely important to know when considering relocating somewhere, since I'm very sensitive to fragrances. Does anyone know anything regarding this topic? This could be:
- How much fragrance is being used in cleaning products
- How much perfume people use in general
- What's the availability of fragrance free products such as fragrance free soap, fragrance free shampoo, and fragrance free laundry detergent (most important)

Any input would be highly appreciated. Thank you! I look forward to getting to know you all. :)

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