Retirement and Occupancy Query

Dear All,

My husband and I are looking at retiring in Mauritius. We have our own business and have a non profit holistic wellness center in South Africa. We have spoken to BOI and have all the necessary requirements checked for retirement process. Questions though:
1. We would like to be able to continue our non profit organisation in Mauritius and start doing programs in this possible if we go through the retirement Channel or do we have to get the occupancy visa as well and what requirements would there be? the BOI was not clear on our questions with this regard.
2. We already have a on profit trust foundation registered in South Africa , would we have to register a new entity in Mauritius as well? And any advice on this?
3. Can you help in advice opening a bank account as well?
4. We have been to Mauritus numerous times and potentially plan to come around Dec/Jan this year to meet with BOI on the above as well...just want additional info so that we are informed 😊

Any advice or even help with an agent that can facilitate this process for us will be greatly appreciated.

Our work is spiritual and mindful wellness programs.

Thanking you in advance.🙏


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