Anyone offering an unused Gym membership at Budapest Marriott Hotel?

Hi there,

I'm looking to become a member of a gym/fitness centre, and several people have recommended the Marriott Hotel's gym.

However, I'm only going to be in Budapest for 6 months, and it's a little pricey... I wondered if anyone might know of anyone leaving Budapest who might want to transfer their un-used membership over to me? That way they won't lose money from an un-used membership and I won't have to sign up for a year ;-)

Feel free to just get in touch if you might know anyone. Thanks!

I would first find out if memberships can be transferd  or not.
Gym memberships can be  around 8 to 12,000 a month throughout the city.
You can buy month to month without a contract at most gyms.
I found a gym not far from my apt. for just under 8,000 a month with cycling and full use of the gym. The problem for me is I am a morning workout person and most gyms seem to have classes at night.
If you enjoy a class setting, look over the class times before joining up.
Most yoga centers also have classes only in the evenings.
If you are willing to travel inside Budapest there is a gym called Life fitness near the Corvin Ter area, I went in to look around a few years back, they even have a indoor pool with water classes.
On second thought, I may of gotten the name of that gym wrong, Life something or other but it is nice, clean large with paid parking right behind the Corvin  Square area.
They have some morning classes too.
I would join there if I wanted the "feel" of a 24 hour fitness or Golds' gym like in the states.
Many gyms in Budapest only offer machines, no classes at the gyms, some have a bit of yoga but not many classes or you pay extra for yoga.
There is a gym called Kek fitness near Blaha Luza Ter just behind the Spar/Skala store, went in, no pool but it was cute and clean had two different memberships though, one for fitness and one for yoga. Most gyms in HU do offer month to month memberships.
Another one which I used to go to before they closed down, now they have reopened is called, "lady Fitness" located on the large blvd. in the 7th district.
Used to have classes all the time but not much equipment, they closed to become a overpriced yoga center, that closed and they have since reopened again as a women only gym.
Not sure about their current prices but they used to be reasonable.
Saw photos online when it was a yoga center and they had cleaned it up very nice.
There is a nice gym in Buda near the greeny called, Oxygen but it is super pricey but nice, think it is around $250. a month!!!

I thought I would just mention that often you can purchase a one day pass or a pass for 10 or so visits, month to month is common.
I never signed a year contract at any gym in HUngary.
Went to several over a 18 month period out in Erd, always went month to month.
Lady Fitness in Budapest was also month to month but they offered day passes too.
There was a gym located inside a mini mall on Vaci-Utca which I went to for a few months when on vacation, they also closed down over the years but a couple weeks ago I walked through and they are again open. No equipment there when I went, all classes, good classes too.
Forget the name of the mall, Euro Center comes to mind, the're not many mini-malls on vaci utca so it should be easy enough to find them, most of the shops inside the little mall have closed so not sure how long that gym will survive.
There are all sorts of neighborhood small gyms located throughout the city, asked people or just walk around and you'll notice them.
One popular one with a location in the 5th and in the 7th districts is called, Astoria, I went inside both of them to look around, not interested though, way too crowded and the 5th district one was built in the cellar, very humid, dark and dirty to me. They are popular gyms however.
Kek Lotus is the one behind the Skala/Spar clean multi story gym, they were very nice inside there when I looked around,The Lifefitness located on Rackozi Utca in the 7th, is not too pricey, machines only though.Think they are a chain of gyms.
I would try a day pass somewhere and see if it's a fit for you or not.
You will not find anything for less then around 8,000 a month and most gyms are around 12 to 14 ,000 a month. No deals like in the US with those $10. a month places.
I had knee surgery so now workout at home, with all the walking done in the city you could always buy a cardio machine with e-bay or Vatra in HU and pick up some free weights for 6 months time, people  jog in the parks here allot too.

Hi Marylin!

Thanks so much for all the information! I know already that it is possible to transfer membership with World Class Gyms, but I suppose it would not hurt to also consider alternatives. You're right everyone needs to consider what's important to them when picking a gym. I'm not so keen on classes, because in the past I've been to some classes that it's just impossible to move there are so many people, so i'd rather do my own thing... But that's just me :-D

Today I walked past one of the gyms I have walked into and looked around in.
It is located on Rakoczi between Blaha Luza and Keliti Train station , I should of noticed the street number. it is called , Super Gym.
It was a Buddhist Temple in the past, so a sort of cool building.
It is one of the cheaper ones  under 10.000 for a month, I only looked around  the bottom floor because the women was alone at the desk when I went it.
It seemed a large place with lots of room to move around, of course I was there mid day.

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