VND Cash deposit into a VND Acoount (ACB Bank)

Tried deposit VND 3M cash into a VND account of a friend (have done so many times) with ACB Bank,and was asked for my passport.  I refused.

Went around the corner to another branch of ACB, no problem.

What a farce!

Anybody else had this ?  (Not interested in foreign deposits.....)

please can i have the address of ACB thanks.

Trust me....  The Banking system here is Suck.... Never like it... Never Will. And most of these Morons should be Educated.... Abit more. I don't know,  they seem like to Trouble you...  And ask you all kinds of Stupid Questions.  My advice....  Don't Deal with them. It happened to me Once. Never Again!!!  BE AWARE~BE SAFE...  My Friend....

ACB Ngoc Ha, 94 Ngoc Ha, Phuong Doi Can, Quan Ba Dinh

You are right - they are uneducated. They call it "vo hoc" and so many are!

They buy their bullshit jobs for VND 500m to say to people "I work in a bank". Such a farce!

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