Certificate of No Impediment - Getting married in Brazil


I am from Scotland and am planning to get married to my Brazilian Fiance in Recife this year.

I have to get all of the documents legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the Uk (this is the stage I am at just now) then I need to send them to the Brazilian Consulate in the UK then send them to my Fiance in Recife.

Since I am from Scotland my Certificate of no Impediment (proof of being single) is only valid for 3 months and this cannot be extended. My fiance was told it can take up to 2 months to get the wedding date so my concern is that by the time we get the date my Certificate of No Impediment will be expired.

Also, the British consulates in Brazil do not provide the certificates of no impediment.

Is anyone able to give some advice on this matter?

Thanks very much!

I noticed that no one has responded to your topic here.

If you have not received any response on this, then worry not, as I believe my Proof of being single was a sworn and signed statement submitted for the records.

You will want to confirm that this is the case with a professional in any event.

Good luck to you in submitting your documents.

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