Relocating to KL. Good schools for 10&4 yo? Where to stay?

Hello co members,

   We are an Indian family stayed in Singapore for couple of years n now relocating to kl. I would like to request you all with some good schools for my children aged 10&4 yr old. And some good places for accommodation too.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Ramya,

Im Maryanne.  There are few international school at ISKL Ukay Heights Ampang & Mont Kiara International School.

Thank you

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Hello and welcome to ramya ram :cheers:

Concerning your accommodation hunt, I invite you to check out rental adverts in our Housing in Kuala Lumpur section of the site.

While waiting for members to tip in about schools for your children, I suggest you to browse through threads talking about such here:

> Schools & studies in Kuala Lumpur


1 can i become permanent resident
2 what cast to start business
3 senior job recruiters

1. PR after ten years and able to speak Malay and take the  exam.

2.  You can start a venture preferably with a local partner as Director, any type of big business unless you are married to a local then the picture is different.
3.  If you want to work as a professional, then you need a letter from your employers before coming to work.  Otherwise, you are just on tourist visa and you go back to your country.
This is only applicable in Malaysia.

No, you can't get PR if Brunei because it is under the protection and discretion of DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

I hope that I have been helpful

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Hey there, there are many international schools in KL. However, in all honesty, I had sent my kids to a couple of the top-notch schools only to be disappointed by the results. So, just take it all with a handful of salt.
I eventually found this amazing school; Brooklyn Smart Academy. They turned my kids' grades around and my wife and I could not be happier. The kids loved it, we loved it and it was all good. You should call them and find out for yourself. Hope all goes well for you. Cheers.

How about Bangsar or Ampang area?  There are many good schools like Garden International, Sayfol and more?

I dare not recommend Puchong, bad zone because cars, thefts on the rise.  Many triads there including Indian.

You can google the whole list,
If you like Petaling Jaya is also OK,  It also depends on your budget.

I live and work near KL Sentral, TQ

I recently moved to KL.

I am also looking for International school in KL for my son.

May i know about Fees in Brooklyn smart Academy?

My Son will got to Grade 1. May i know when new session starts in Brooklyn smart academy?

I am not able to find official website and i am not able to speak at +60 013 7200677(Number i got from web and from Facebook page)

Do you have other number than +60 013 7200677?

Thanks again.

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