Exchange language - French <-> Vietnamese

Hi everybody,

My name is Huyen Thanh, 31 years old. I just move back to live in my hometown city after over 10 years living in Saigon. Currently i am working as Manager in a Real Estate Company in Nha Trang.

Anyone here can speak French ? I learn French for 1 year in Saigon, very basic, i think , since i move to live here i don't have a chance to use that language. If you speak French, like hanging out in coffeshop some hours/ week, we would make an exchange for language . I will teach you Vietname, show you places in Nha trang if you are keen on travelling .

Love to make friends with you all , who is  fresh to the city .

Thanks for your reading

Huyen Thanh

Hello Huyen Thanh :cheers:

You could drop an advert under the Language exchange in Nha Trang classifieds section of the site to increase your chances to meet a french language partner :top:


Hi Kenjee,

You're right. Thanks for your advice.


Huyen Thanh

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