Dubai or Doha - Landmark Group vs Hamad International Airport?

Hi everyone..I have recently started working with the Corporate Office of Landmark group in Dubai. Been in UAE for almost 6 years. Have an offer from Qatar Airways Duty Free. I am confused between the two. Doha and Dubai..Landmark Group vs Hamad International   Airport. Not sure how is the work culture at QDFC. Savings will be more in Doha though. Any suggestions will be appreciated..

Hii.. it depends for if you are married or single. . Girl or guy .. you have responsibility in your country or not.. but in general i can say that Qatar is familiar more than Dubai.. in Dubai you have opportunities to spend your salary in 3 days.. all activities and entertainment available more than Qatar. You can live in Doha and have fun with some activities but with limit.  To save money Qatar is better and cheaper.

Doha is better.

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