Mahallesi Üskudar ?


Is  Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mahallesi  central and secure ?
Which others Mahallesi are appropriate to live in in that sense?
And which are the conservative  Mahallesi ?

Thank you for your help


Your query about this region has been responded to about two months ago.

I would advise you to actually take a walk through these areas and get a feel for yourself.

Good luck

It's clearly that you don't take the time to read the post and just you give answer like that .
And you're not obliged to reply at post And just you can do a favour, don't reply to my posts at all !

I can understand your frustration.

We try to do as much research on behalf of people before giving them answers. 

Somehow, people still want to be spoonfed.

Most of the times, they repeat their questions on new threads without reading the old threads. And then get frustrated when they are guided towards the right answer.

And a few people, such as in this case, do not want to own up the responsibility and take an action themselves. 

I'll try to be careful in spoonfeding you more carefully for your inquiries. 

Do you have anything else to say?

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