Visa cancellation without entry

I received an offer from a saudi company which i accepted. I have also received 90 days visa on my passport. Now due to personal reasons I am not able to join the saudi company. I have not entered the Kingdom yet. Saudi company is not happy about this and might not help me cancel my visa. How can I get the visa cancelled? Do I need to? What happens if I dont (can I ever apply for saudi visa again)?

Ask them to extend visa validity.

Thank you. I can not work in saudi  due to some personal issues hence my question about getting the visa cancelled

I have the same situation with you. Did you get any answers? Hoping you could help me too. Thanks.

@Lilypad, the last post in this thread was in 2016 and dont think there was an answer. If you have something specific you want to ask, you can either create a new thread or ask a specific query.

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