My Wifi / Pocket Wifi

Hello Everyone , I will be asking some assistance regarding My Wifi / pocket wifi device, I have 4G on mobile but it is not working as it should be and want to buy mobile wifi device but no clue which one will be the best. I will really appreciate if someone can advise.

am happy with my Inwi Alcatel mobile wifi thingy - i ll have to find the details of it and send it to you separately as i cant remember its name.  200dh recharge gives you 20 Giga bites and you can get that from any hanout (corner shop) with Inwi sign... I havent had any problems so far.

Hi Nadia, really appreciate for the response and it will a big favour if you will send me the details as i can understand thats the last solution to have better wifi comparing to Mobile which as of this moment is slightly irritating.
Thanks and have a lovely evening


you want to buy a wifi access point  " Hotspot " ? or a USB key for 4G or a device tablet ? you can clarify your application?

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