Anyone in Køge / nearby?

I'm a 22-year-old student and I'll move to Denmark in a couple of weeks. I'd love to make new friends and explore Denmark together! If anyone's up for a cup of coffee or sightseeing or whatever, please let me know and we can meet up! :)

I am living in køge  :)

Welcome to denmark.

Hi! Thank you so much.

Do you have any suggestions on how to meet new people in Køge? :) And what are some of the must-see places over there?

In køge I think easiest way is to visit køge centrum or may be a library. But if you visit copenhagen you can meet easily with new people and have many places to visit.

Are you coming for studies or searching a job?

Basically both haha. I'm doing practical training in Denmark as a part of my studies... So it's more like a job, I won't have any classes or lectures.

Thank you for the advice, I'll visit Copenhagen for sure, as well as travel around Køge.

Ok good. It looks you are crazy about having many friends around you  :)  but how you manage accommodation and why in køge? Usually its very hard to find accommodation in Copenhagen and surroundings.

Haha yes it was very difficult to find accommodation. Køge was chosen by the host University actually. But I'm sure I'll like it over there :)

lucky you are :)
yeah this part is so lovely from nature point of view and also very peaceful as compared to the Copenhagen and other cities. You will surely like it.
Hopefully see you.

Sounds perfect, I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay :) See you!


Hi! I'm living in Næstved.. Not too far away😊  I'm a 26 year old Dutch native and looking for some fun people to hang out with😊  If you ever feel like hanging out just let me know 😊

are you koge now Vaihtari?

Yeah I'm in Koege! :)

Found any friends circle here yet or not?

Yeah I've made a few friends... no one in Koge though, it's a bit difficult to meet people here I think

Yup. Do let me know any free time. We will meet and have a cup of coffee. Right now I am out of denmark on vacations and will be back next week.

Maybe we could meet up next week then :) Enjoy your holiday!

Thanks and sure. Try to message me your contact details as well.

Just for clearifying if you shouldn't know.

There is a free email account available on this forum for exchange of private information so you don't need to use the open forum for that purpose.



How is it going vaihtari?

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