Economy crisis in KSA ( Saudi Arabia)

I am a British citizen and INSHAALLAH soon will be landing in the kingdom and I have a few of my university colleagues already working there. They have been telling me that the economical condition is not awesome anymore.
Rather, it is going towards downhill. I am wondering if expats can shed light on the current economical crisis in the KSA? How would you take this crisis? As an opportunity or it could be a danger for expats? It would be really good to hear the viewpoints of the expats already in the KSA.

Hello Furqan,

First of all when you come to Saudi, you are Pakistani (or an Indian) since you are not carrying a union jack flag with you around all the times.

Secondly i have been hearing stories of " Economic Downhill" and falling petroleum prices for decades in Saudi, to you and me it does not matter. under same situations lots of my friends and colleagues came, worked here , met their goals and objectives and moved on. 

I would take this situation positively, under such circumstances, people with real competitive skills excel and I am sure you are one of them. :one

Thanks Riaz.
I like to think and act positive, so it's great to hear strong positive thoughts too. It's true even in the UK there are still a lot of rumors and some of them may be true. In fact, in the current situation after Brexit everything is upheld. But I am still getting lots of calls for higher pay job etc. so yes in that case your positivity, skill set and being competitive will always help and it has always helped me.

I just asked because he has been telling all this for last 2-3 months

Hii Furqan,

I think its a time to find out ourselves and our nations hidden skills. Sometimes economy downhills shows us mirror and we have to correct if we find any dust there. Instead of natural sources now economist and govt finding out other sources to re-stand economy and it is a real job to find out our hidden skills and to accept challenges which will last forever.



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