Medication needed

I am having difficulty getting vital prescribed  medication sent from US to DR

How have you tried getting it shipped? What's the issues? I have had mine shipped in via CPS direct from the pharmacy, no issue at all.

I also have mine sent directly by CPS with no problem. Those that cannot be shipped from the pharmacy I have a friend pack them up and send via CPS.  I have been doing this for years.

Bob K

Thank you for your response . I had an individual send it via USPS. It has been lost for two weeks. I have the tracking number and all it tells me is that it is enroute.    I suspect that it may have been intercepted by customs . I may be casualty in "The War on Drugs"

Thanks Bob for the response. I assume that the CPS is the Canadian Postal Service. I have sent mine by the USPS. Perhaps yours coming from a more civilized country had less problems. My medications have  been traveling for two weeks. Thank you again.

NO CPS here is a package forwarding service.  You get a Miami address to send your things to and then they ship it in and take care of any customs and forms. 

Bob K

If you sent it to the DR by mail it is long gone.  Get it sent by registered mail to a freight forwarder account in Miami. Where are you here in DR?  We can recommend one.

We are in Santiago. Long gone is what I feared. Thank you.

Thank you. You have all been very helpful.

I found CPS in Santiago. Thank you again.

Use them, they are awesome!

Thank you again. This site is awesome. I wish I did my homework before coming. Life gives the test then the  lesson .

I buy my monthly meds at any local farmacia.  The month's supply for 5 drugs comes to 1400 pesos, back in Tennessee it is about $40.00 so a bit cheaper here with no shippin charge, but mine are very common meds. Metformin, simvastatin amlodipin and lisinopril.  Spell check says I got them all spelt wrong, but it is the best I can d since i buy them here with Spanish spellings.

Thanks Dingo, I get most of mine cheap. My wife's are more complicated. She has one you need a prescription for and is not available in DR . One of the others is OTC but around 4000 thousand pesos for a weeks supply. Thanks again for your response.

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