new born baby inside KSA

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Please kindly give me information on getting a new iqama for new born baby inside KSA
step by step procedure, i already have the birth certificate from hospital.
i am confuse about the things like they told me to go jawazat for birth certificate registration, and then stamp it by DFA, and get passport from embassy.. what / which of this procedure or what procedure do i need to do first????  :huh:

your help is highly appreciated.
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Registering Saudi Births
To register a newborn, the applicant must submit:
Original Birth Report by the relevant hospital.

Copy of Family Register wherein the Saudi mother is added; if the mother is non-Saudi, a copy of her documents is required; or a proof of existing transaction of the mother if she does not carry her identity card.

The specified # (87)-application form duly filled.

A provisional Birth Certificate valid for one year will be issued for the newborn. The original Birth Certificate is issued after a year having required medical vaccinations are completed.

To register a newborn whose mother is not added to the Family Register or if she is non-Saudi:
The applicant must:
Submit the original Marriage Certificate and a copy of it.

Submit the original Birth Report by the relevant hospital.

Submit a copy of the Family Register of the father of the wife or one of her brothers' official documents if her father does not possess documents.

Submit a copy of the passport of the wife and a copy of her Residence Permit (Iqama) if she is non-Saudi.

You have to go to civil affairs office in your town anyway

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