Changed of family name in Philippine Passport

Hello everyone,

Please feel free to post your insights here. Any information is highly appreciated.

I'm a Filipino expat in Saudi Arabia, I have been here since 2013. I got married last year in Philippines during my annual vacation. After marriage, my husband processed F2A family visa in USA. Out of excitement,  the family name I had used in my application was already the family name of my husband. I never realized I didnt change yet my passport name. My priority date is almost due and anytime I have to go to US embassy for the interview, so I have to present a passport which has the same name in my visa application; however, I'm still going back to Philippines this year for annual vacation and all my documents here in Saudi Arabia esp. IQAMA have my maiden name since I got it before marriage. Renewal of passport in Philippine Embassy takes 40days and since I cant travel with almost expired passport, I renewed it last August 8, 2016 and changed my maiden name to married name. My concern is, I don't know whether  Saudi Arabia will still release me a visa if my family name in my passport and Iqama are not longer the same. 

Thank you.

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