Visa Trasfer or Money for NOC


If a Company or person asking money (with written document proof) for Visa Transfer or NOC,..   :D
should he/ she pay? or it is illegal?  :unsure
Or he/ she can complain about this? to where?  :/

then what will be the outcome? is he/she will get the visa clearance or will get the present visa cancel too.
Owl Eye.

Hi Owle Eye,

Offering an NOC, or suggesting an employment visa transfer, in exchange of money is an illegal activity, which can result in the person going to jail.

As in dealing with any other illegal activity, the person can be reported to the Royal Oman Police, and since this is employment related case, the same can be reported to the Ministry of Manpower for their further action.

Thank you Sumitran,

But unfortunately there is no proper division or department to complain.
even though after do complain there is no guarantee that can get NOC.

So, victims don't complain these crimes, they pay or walk away with disappointment...

Slavery in a Modern form...

:( :)
Owl Eye

Hi Owle Eye,

Well, actually there is - in the Ministry of Manpower, as well as in the Indian Embassy in Muscat.

In both these places grievances of employees are given a patient and a fair hearing and necessary steps would be formally initiated to address the concerns raised.

Please understand that giving an NOC to an employee is entirely and totally at the discretion of the employer.

Even if the Ministry, or the Embassy, or the Police, get involved, no one has the power or the right or the authority to insist that an employer must given an employee an NOC.

So, if you are expecting that your employer must give you an NOC, or is obliged to give you an NOC, forget it.

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