Cash & bank in Iran

Hi everyone,

I am about moving in Iran for 3 months from September and I would like to know - if some of you already did it - how did you manage to obtain cash without Mastercard and Visa ? Did you open a bank account ?
Any advices are more than welcome :)

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as you said Credit Card is not working in Iran except you will be located in Tehran and from Central Bank Branch ( south of Tehran ) you can get cash from your credit card.

if you get cash with you, i advice get USD ( they will exchange it in best rate compare to EURO or GBP )
for your daily expenses,  you can open an account in any of local banks ( be sure is Government Banks such as Bank Meli - Bank Melat - Bank Tejarat ) and use their ATM card for you shopping.

if you have more questions feel free to shoot them here :)


Thank you sooo much for your response ! It is definitely helpful.
Do you know if it is easy (and quick) to open a bank account in Tehran ? And what are the steps for it ?
(It is a really unsual expatriation)

At the same time, I would like to ask if you know a website or a way to find a room in a shared flat or a cheap renting place? :)

One again, thank you !

Hi there EGLG,

You can message me for my personal email. I'd be able to help you with info and introduce people who might be able to assist and have you settle down in Tehran. I will also introduce you to the bank so English speaking staff can help you open your account up and provide advice on finance and cash management in Iran.

yes If you dont have any acount make one
I think malet bank is good for you
as iran does'nt have swift access so you can't send money out of country through banking system

you can find flat and room sharing in this site couchsurfing


Good Morning

I moved to Iran since Three Months, yes I do know well the Procedures as I am a Business Consultant and involved in the Banking system. You need to have cash on you, you can not use at this moment any visa card. You can not open a Bank account unless you have 6 Months Visa or could be open under a company existing in Iran, they can open in their names and you can use as sub account that what I am doing. Now transferring Money from overseas to Iran and vice versa could be done through a Bureau of exchange. At your disposal for any clarification



hi there
i can be ur host in iran
if wana plz send me msg

You can write to me


as I have arrived 3 weeks ago and can share my experience.



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