Employment pass reject with " Adverse Record "

Hi , before i holded spass , then my previous company had some difficult about business so they couln't employ me, they cancelled my Spass . I went back my country to visit my family ,then after 1 week i came to sg again but ICA at airport didn't let me entry . Last week new company apply EP for me but MOM rejected with reason " adverse record " . i dont know what happend and have that adverse record . My problem like this so if other company apply Spass for me, the result still same ? or MOM can approve ?  or i cant apply any work pass in sg ? i hope someone give me good idea

Hi Jenny, sorry to hear.

One thing was uncleared that why at check point, they didn't allow you to enter? What was the reason?

Try to know the adverse record about you, and if possible rectify it. Till that time no hope, no matter what type of pass employer applies for you. MoM is very strict and will not entertain anyone in this matter.

Wishing you best of luck.

ICA at airport didn't give me any reason why i cant entry  , i tried to ask them but they didnt tell me any . Now new company cant wait for me as i have problem like this so they look for other candidate , because of this one i missed many chances ... New company told me should call direct MOM and ask why like that . i really shocked a lot because i didnt do anything wrong so why have " adverse record " . If i ask MOM so i am not sure they will tell me real reason or not .

Since MoM does not usually deal with job seekers or answer their questions, your employer should contact them and ask for the cause of this "adverse record".
If the adverse record is due to the attempted entry after S-Pass cancellation, you must contact ICA to rectify this (or at least find out for how long you will be blacklisted).
But there might also be other reasons, e.g. if your previous employer gave incorrect (and bad for you) information when cancelling your S-Pass - in this case you'd have to rectify it with MoM.
But I agree with Surya2k: You basically have no chance for any pass or visa before this adverse record is cleared!

I suspect your problem is because ICA have rejected your entry. They no doubt have to file a reason and my guess is they have logged it as attempt to enter to work illegally.

The immigration officers are ridiculously bigotted and racist. If you are a young female Thai, Vietnamese or Philipinna your chance of getting through without demonstarting full means of support are not good.

Canman53 :

The immigration officers are ridiculously bigotted and racist.

I wouldn't call it racist. If you know from experience that women from certain ethnicities tend to break the rules more often than others, would you step up your spot checks of the others?
But strict (and smart) they are, indeed.

Beppi; clearly you do not understand the term 'racist'

Hi Beppi

If i ask my employer apply again as Spass lower , so can have chance ? because i think somethings wrong from ICA refused entry or my previous spass cancelled , the reason we dont know, myself also dont know why like that . i read many forums and i see many people like me to have " adverse record " with EP or Spass and also ICA refused entry  . But some people apply again then appeal  , then finally MOM still approve .

A few day ago , i also emailed to ICA and ask reason  but ICA didnt tell me any reason , just like this their reply below and asked me fill up the form 14 :

" Dear

We refer to your email on 13 Aug 2016.

We have looked into the matter. As with most countries, a visitor’s entry into Singapore is neither a right nor automatic. Should you foresee the need to enter Singapore, you are required to submit a formal entry (i.e. Visit Pass) application prior to your next visit to Singapore for our consideration. The Visit Pass application for your entry must first be approved in order to facilitate your entry into Singapore. The application will be assessed on its own merit.

It should include the details, purpose of the visit as well as the name, address and contact number of your local sponsor in Singapore and declaring any antecedents on the application Form 14. You may also include any other supporting documents deem relevant to substantiate your application in addition to the following documents:

a) application Form 14 & V39I (duly completed and signed);
b) a photocopy of your travel document particulars page (showing full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, its date of issue/expiry and signature); and
            c) a photocopy of your local sponsor's Singapore IC.

The local sponsor can mail the application forms and required documents to the following address:

      Immigration & Checkpoints Authority
            Visitor Services Centre
            ICA Building
            10 Kallang Road #04-00
            Singapore 208718 "

Jennythanhmei: ICA's answer is about how to apply for an SVP (tourist visa). It has nothing to do with your situation and not answering your question why you are blocked from EP. They probably didn't understand what you wanted. Maybe you can try again, asking in clearer words, or ask your employer to contact MoM to find out more.
If you have an "adverse record", it usually prevents you from getting any visa. It must be cleared first. I have not heard any case where a subsequent S-Pass application was successful without other actions to clear the record.
In fact an S-Pass application right after a rejected EP is a red flag for MoM and will also be rejected in most cases.

Canman53 :

Beppi; clearly you do not understand the term 'racist'

I think I do. care to explain what you mean?

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