House Sitting or Renting 12 Dec 2016 - 19 January 2017

Hi there,

We are a family of four.  Two very responsible boys 13 and 11. 
We are coming to volunteer in the hospital and to have a bit of a holiday while we are there.
We have lived in Vanuatu for two years.  When we were there, most expats preferred to have house sitters if they were away.
We are wondering if any of you are going away over that time or can recommend good places to stay while we are there.  We would be grateful to be able to stay in someone's house, and we can take care of it.
We are used to and understand having "House cleaners" etc.  We are very happy to contribute for power etc as we are aware that costs money. 

If you know of something that might work for some or part of the time we are there, please let me know.

In advance, many thanks.
Rhonda Diprose

Hi there, 

Yes please get her to be in touch with us.
She might even be able to advise us as to where we can stay if her place is not available.

We are volunteering at the hospital so will need to be able to get there by 7:30 am most mornings. 

My personal email address is:


Thanks for getting in touch. 
Perhaps you could ask your Aunty to see if any others might also be wanting House Sitters over that time period.  Also, I need to learn to paddle board and have to be able to paddle board for 2km for an event I have coming up when I get back.  I am hoping to find a paddle board club (SUP club) and borrow or hire a board to use on a lagoon. 


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Hi there Ro,  Thank you for your help.
We have had a family crisis so everything had to come to a complete stop. 

I will try to find your Aunty now.

Thank you so much.

Hi there I can not find her on Facebook and keep getting emails bounce back to me.

I tried to give you my email address via this site months ago, but someone took it down. 

Thanks for trying. 

Maybe she can try me on Facebook...***
Thanks so much.

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