Minor Trouble with Police in Vietnam ...trouble to come ?

Recently I ended up in the police station with a woman who had stolen money from me while asleep on the bus .
In the police station she accused me of hitting her and of course the police believed her not me . And by the way I never touched her .
I had to make a statement which was then translated and they said I could go . Before going they got me to sign a blank sheet of paper which of course was a foolish move .
As far as I know I wasnt charged with anything or arrested but would they even tell me if I was ?
Anyway, will this hinder my chances of getting a police clearance form from Vnn police for a work permit or could they even deny me a new visa next time I want to enter the country ?
Any ideas if I should just let it go and hope for the best or get in touch with my embassy about the incident .

you should be fine, unless you gave your passport number ?? how much money did she take ? why on earth would you go to the police station in HCMC and how did you get the woman to go there ?

if you gave your address it might be an idea to move,

If you have any doubts about the situation, definitely inform your embassy. Even in the police station if you are in doubt, demand to speak with a representative from your embassy. The threat of getting your embassy involved can be a very powerful tool.

I agree with panda7 and I too would like to hear your responses to the questions.

Best of luck.


As a local here, from my point of view, there is nothing will happen later. That was the procedure that officer must do in those cases. Unfortunately, they recklessly worked on your case, either the documentary. As a result, they will later on recklessly work on your case and Vietnamese government data integrity does not well connected for each individual. Then, this is the point that I think you should not worry about that.

However, If you are too panic and still not relieved, just do what you think you should do to make sure this will definitely not affect your identity.

It is Vietnam and shame for that.


We were on a bus together and when arrived in HCMC they took me to the police station giving me no alternative . Yes they got all my information ,address , passport etc .Even my work . Though they said they would not tell my employer.
I went to the police station as I felt I was the victim and did not expect her to say I hit her . The police believed her and in their eyes I was the bad guy . To be expected I guess .
I still have a year on my visa but as I have lived here a long time and intend to remain here my main concern is that my Police Clearance Form will be tainted and I will have trouble renewing visa. work permit etc. 
The whole deal in the police station was over in 10 minutes and she asked for no money neither did the police .
As I dont  expect to be charged Im not so concerned , just that my file with the police clearance will be an issue .
I have lived here at the same address for 15 years and never had any trouble with anyone especially not the  law .

In fact ,the next day I went back to the police station to ask about the blank paper I had signed and the officer looked through the document casefiles from the previous day and my papers could not be found .

how much did she take ?

i doubt anything has been formally recorded. in fact i would place a small bet that some of your money has already gone to the police.

I had to write a statement . I think its unlikely that they would just trash it . There must be procedures once statements are taken . And take a few dollars off the woman ? I wouldnt bet on that . More likey they would take more money off me . Also surprised neither police or woman asked for money .

The pertinent question maybe should be, does the police clearance include only convictions in court or both convictions and arrests.  I can't really say as mine had neither.  I suspect that is the case with maybe not all but most people reading this thread.  Most likely anyone who had a prohibitive item on their report is no longer in Vietnam.

In any case although you were briefly detained, it does not seem that you were formally arrested.

She might have split the money she stole from you with the police.

Yes that is in essence the question . Does a brief detention with the police mean police clearance will be problem in future ?
How would one know if they were formally arrested in Vietnam .?  I guess fingerprints and photographs , not just a statement about what happened that I made . Surely to be formally charged they would have to inform you of the fact , and they wouldnt have let me go after 15 minutes .

Why are you on here asking for help? None of us can give you any legit legal advice or in position to help. You need to get in touch with your embassy and ask what you need to do. You're wasting time here. If you are asking for sympathy then you have come to the right place but none of it will do you any good in the future.

Ironic as any embassy wud tell u they r not concerned with petty crimes, only consular issues and life/death situations

10/10 for retardom tho.

Exactly how did she steal the money from you if you don't mind sharing the details. It seems someone in their reply assumed the female was with you at the police station. Is that true ?

Since your main concern is having a clean police report, here's a simple way to find out.  Just go and pull a report.  You don't need a justification or a sponsor for your own report.  Your school is not pulling the report, you are, and only you will see it if that is what you want.  If it says something then it's time to sit down and talk to your employer.  If not then keep it mum and forget about it

As much as I hate pointing out the obvious...

it is your fault.

Not only for being 'Foreign', for it is well known the world over that no matter the situation, the  blame is always allocated to the outsider.

       ..but in allowing yourself to be robbed. 
  In retrospect, was the fuss you kicked up worth it?

..maybe in the lesson you learnt...

"...when arrived in HCMC they took me to the police station giving me no alternative . " 
Ok my fault for not reading more carefully. Who is 'They' as in they took me....

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