Job Offer from Abu Dhabi, Need URGENT Help


Am a married indian living in Qatar for past 12 years with 2 Kids, one schooling in GEMS Wellington Qatar and Other one is 9 months old.

Recently got Job offer from Abu Dhabi for the new Airport Project (contract for 2 years), the offer is 38,000AED all in All. (no school allowance, Medical for family and Flight ticket)

am currently earning approx QAR23000K+100K school allowance per annum+ticket benifits

My calculation based on other forum is below

2BHK Apartment - 10K per months
School Fee- 5K Permonth
Food other expenses - 7K per month
Transportation -  ill transfer my car to AUH

My monthly expense would be approx 22,000 and Savings would be around 15,000

is this calculation is good? what you think? should i move or continue with my permanent job in Qatar?

AED 38k is a good offer, make sure it is a genuine offer, as lots of scams around. Even if not 15,000 atleast you can save 10000 to 12000 definitely, because once family comes the expense will increase at least 2k.

Apartment rates are decreasing currently, you may save a thousand or two if you choose a Apartment outer side of city, since your work is near the airport.

You say this contract is only for 2 years, What about after 2 years? For a saving of 2000 or 3000, dont leave a permanent job, that's my humble advice, otherwise Abu Dhabi is an Amazing city for Family Life.

Before coming make arrangements for schooling, or it will be a tough job.

Hey Man,

thanks, i have done a comparison of what am saving v/s with new offer, i can save 7-8 can more.
after 2 Years? thats the question i been asking myself for past few days...but meantime i asked my self where ill be in this organization after 2 years, the answering is forcing me to accept this offer :)

The new airport is planned to open on 17-07-2017 so to speed up the process they are recruiting a lot.

Next big thing is Dubai's Expo 20-20 is approaching fast, You may try to find a job there.

While the salary looks good, the package is questionable. Good salary sometimes ‘hide’ your real compensation needs, because that’s what a normal working person always think of first , that is “salary” only. As an expat your real needs is different, you need a “compensation” first and then benefits.The employer will always leave out something. Don’t ever think they list down all your needs. They basically use a “generic” expat package for you. Do you think they will offer an “ideal” expat package for you.

Alternatively use the cost of living calculator at [link moderated]


Actually, you are not going to spend more than Dhs. 15000 per month. If you need any help just contact me.

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