Getting visa to nicosia (philippine passport)

Good day!

I would just like to ask some information about applying a tourist visa in northern cyprus?

I am a college student holding a Philippine passport. I could also say i have enough money for the trip. the purpose of my trip is to visit a friend of mine in Nicosia.

So, what information are you asking about?  Your question is not clear.

Romaniac Experts Team

I think that you need to apply for a Turkish visa first - suggest you contact the Turkish embassy/consulate in Manila and ask them for their advice.

As soon as you get a Turkish visa you can travel to North Cyprus ... only one hour by plane from Antalya.

Hi Dimps,
Plz with the Turkish visa how long we can stay in North Cyprus ? thank you for your time.

Hi exel,
If you have a valid passport you can stay in Northern Cyprus for up to 90 days ... see

Good luck!

Thank you Dimps for your clear answer,
I wish you good time :)

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