International drivers license.

Can anybody help me with information on obtaining an international drivers license.

I live here in the Philippines but both my Philippine license ( which I have never used ) and my Australian driving license have both expired, and now I have a problem in that I wish to return to Australia to visit relo`s etc  and to hire a rental car whilst I am there.

Is it possible to get an international drivers license here using either of my expired licenses?

Maybe somebody can advise me on what I can, or should do to obtain an international license please?

Thanks in advance.

You cannot obtain a international driving license on the basis of an expired national driving license.  Your only solution I think is to renew the expired license you hold, which shouldn't be too hard to do? :)

Romaniac Experts Team

I just got one a few days ago so this information is up to date. Just go to any office of the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP). It cost 1000 pesos. You need your current drivers licence.
They made the photo there. The document was ready the next day. You can find info about office location online.

I just looked at my Philippines driving license to discover that it does not expire until the 20th. of this month (my birthday)  so now I can get it renewed and then apply for an international license.

Thanks Romaniac and sandArmando for your inputs.

I guess that you need to keep your valid National driving licence from Philippines with you all time in order to drive in Australia With a valid international driving licence from Philippines. So check it With an automobile Association in Australia. If you are still a resident of Australia, please do check whether Australian authorities will Accept any International licence from Philippines at all.

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