Looking for a room near Fudan university

Hey everyone,

Me and a friend are both still looking for a room near Fudan university in Shangai.
We cant spend to much so less pricey offers are welcome!

Greetings Sandy & Inés

Hi Sandyvp,

Welcome to :)

I invite you to post an ad in the Rooms for rent in Shanghai section, it might help you.


Priscilla  :cheers:

I'm also looking for a room near Fudan university. Maybe we could try to rent an apartment together where we share the rent between 3?

I'm a girl from Finland coming for a professional exchange. How long would you need to rent the apartment?


I found a airbnb wich was cheap for rent and near Fudan you should look into it! … 503a992173

If you are intrested and going here let me know!  Its 20mins from Fudan.

Grts Sandy

hi girls I just came shnaghai 3 days ago and I'm looking for a room too. I am a student at fudan so if you guys want we can meet anytime and talk about this issue:)

hiii it's caglayan. I'm looking for a room near fudan too. maybe we can meet or if you have wechat we can talk on there:)

Be careful with some of the agents/landlords. I also wanted a cheap room while I was studying at Fudan and got a 6-month contract even though I was only staying 5 months, because I thought I would be able to find a replacement for the room and recoup 1 month of rent.
The landlord raised the price for the next tenant by 200rmb but it was a nice room in Hongkou so I thought I would still find someone. However I had almost no enquiries, so I sacrificed that month of rent.
My contract had a requirement to find a replacement in order to get my deposit back, so I continued looking for the next month. This was for September so this time I had a lot of interest from students and I arranged a viewing for a group of people. However, the night before the viewing, the agent for the landlord told me that they were raising the price again, this time by another 400rmb per month. As soon as I told people this they lost interest, and I had no time left to find a replacement, so the landlord kept my deposit.

So I would advise people to be careful:

1. Some landlords are determined to keep your deposit and you can be pretty helpless, particularly if they're technically sticking to the contract but actually doing everything they can to keep the deposit (like a big price increase at the last minute giving you no time to find someone else). I dealt with a woman called Lisa, usually on Wechat and I would certainly advise others to avoid her. She was sneaky, unhelpful and unresponsive. She would often ignore me or take days to reply when something was broken or I had any questions. The only exception was when she wanted money from me - she replied very quickly! She operates a bunch of flats around Hongkou/Rainbow City.

2. I made the mistake of assuming I would easily find a replacement for my room. A nice room in a good area of a massive city - no problem right? Well, not really. Outside of peak demand time (like students in September) it's actually quite tough to find replacements. I know many others who have had the same experience.

3. The combination of excess rent and not getting the deposit back can hugely increase the effective cost of your room. I paid more than an extra 1000rmb per month. I could really do with that money now! Be careful to check that your landlord or agent is reasonable, as some will do everything within their power to keep your deposit.

Shanghai is a very cool city and there are some great flats. Just be careful!


Just sharing from my experience:
Be warned of airbnb in china. Have been stood up many time with them and the only answer you get is - I am sorry.
So better make sure the host is a good person, because there might be something tricky behind it. Like extra payment or so.

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