New in town from Casa. Want to meet new friends in Jeddah.

Hello folks,

My name is Chadi and I have just landed 2 weeks ago. I am from Casablanca, Morocco. I came here to work for Sadafco (Saudi milk company).

This is my first time in KSA and I am looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends and discovering Jeddah and the country!

Cheers all!


Hi Chadi,

Welcome to and thank you for your introduction. :)

If you have any questions related to expatriation, please feel free to ask them on the forum.
Where are you exactly in KSA ? How do you find the country so far?


Priscilla  :cheers:

Thanks Priscilla! I am in Jeddah, working for Sadafco (Saudia Milk) and living Hajarayn Compound.
So far so good. Not the best time to move in (summer) but the good news is that it is going be better in a couple of months!

Hi Chadi,
Welcome to Jeddah and hope its going good with you. Coming from Morocco, I am sure you are familiar with hot and humid weather. Its going to stay like this for more than couple of months. You will experience it yourself, enjoy your stay.

Thanks Ehtesham for your warm welcome and yes things are falling into place! (by the way Morocco s weather is definitely less extereme hahaha!)

Jeddah is a good place to hang out with friends.

They have a good restaurant and a very reasonable price at the bay or just inside the city.

They have the Balad where there is a diversity of all nations and good shops can be found as well.

Try visit the Al Baik! KSA version of KFC, but surely is far far better.

There are good gyms around the city and oh don't forget the spa and relaxing massage! There are 8-10 good centers.

Like shesha? It's just around the corner buddy!

Good luck!

Tough days... first few months, but it will get better I promise :)

Hey chadi, welcome to Jeddah. I've been here for 10 years and I can see that our friends already told u some stuff. Being a Moroccan probably means u wanna play football huh? Let me know if u don't have friends to play with or if u want me to join u anywhere :) same goes for squash (but in this case we'll look for a court together).
All the best

Welcome to Jeddah , inshallah you like it.
Am living in jeddah for 27 years, if you need anything you almost welcome to contact me

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