NFL in Saudi-Arabia? Gamepass/OSN?


I've been watching NFL with GamePass over the past 5 years, but my new area's internet connection is way too weak to support it.

I've heard that OSN offeres it. I went to their stores, and spoke to their customer service, but they don't seem to know the product they're offering... Basically no answer except "We have it"

Please, if anyone knows if they show NFL, and if so how many games are being showed live and how many games are shown later (so they can be recorded during the night)?

Appreciate the support!

Hi BostonRob,

I hope you are having a good day, i'm contacting you on behalf of OSN, is there another way to contact you directly?


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OSN has 1 or 2 games a week and they are live sorta. Only Sundays and usually the first starts between 8pm and 9pm here. Second game is shown starting anywhere from midnight to 1 am (Monday). Usually on Saturday you can look through the guide to find out which games are being shown the next day, but often it says TBA so you won't know.

I think it was 602, but definitely need the platinum package to get it.

Thanks for the reply, that's a tricky one though, as I really thought and hoped they'd show most games if not live, at least after so I could record and watch day after...

Usually you have 7-8 games starting at 9pm (1am EST) and another 4 @ 11pm (4EST) and then the Sunday Night Game at 3am (8EST)...

Donno what to do now... :(

It was hard my first year here not having Sunday football.  If you get a really good VPN you might be able to watch online with NFL. Com or, usually those show only in US territory and without VPN definitely won't work

Game pass is awesome, like best ever - IF you have solid internet connection... I had it for years... Now, in my new area, I rely on weak STC Quicknet mobile coverage... Not enough... :(

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